Data Driven Pentest Platform

Artemis Pro is a Pentest platform that helps you protect against Cyber Threats using data driven analytics. It is a collaborative tool to engage the best white-hat hackers to identify vulnerabilities. 

In the process, it provides continuous visibility and comparative historical analysis to understand the gaps in your system


Industry Verticals


Continents Worldwide


Years of collective white-hat hacking experience


Artemis Pro is a next gen Pen Testing SaaS model that allows our clients to leverage a data-driven, continuous collaboration, high visibility platform. Our platform allows our security teams to initiate the assessments, track it and eventually remediate vulnerabilities at a centralized location.

Artemis Pro provides a modern pen testing approach for companies who wants pen testing integrated and built into their agile development and production lifecycle. We bring a refreshing way of performing Pen testing which leaves behind the old school, overly priced PDF reports and needs pay for retesting again.

The Platform

At Artemis Pro, we use a combination of data, technology and talent to meet your security challenges. We provide a smart and efficient platform with high visibility and historical data through dashboards to give you an intelligent overview of your security program. 

Save up to 30% cost, time and remediation efforts for better ROI.

Track the lifecycle of all identified issues in one place.

High visibility and historical data


Artemis Pro is built to improve your security posture, satisfy your requirements for compliance and accelerate go-to-market timeframes. The reports are automatically updated when findings are fixed, thereby giving you updated information at your fingertips. Artemis Pro addresses  certifications such as PCI, HIPAA and SOC-2.

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Asset Management

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Pool of Varied Pentesters

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On-Demand Requests

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Live Findings Submission

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High ROI with cost savings


Historical Data Analysis

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Pentest Audit Log


Cloud and on-premise options


Action Oriented Analytical Data

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Compliance Reports


High Visibility to Vulnerabilities

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Detailed Checklists


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Our hand-picked and vetted global team of pentesters will ensure you get the best eyes possible on your vulnerabilities.

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